The best way to describe Vinyl Wrapping is the process of transforming the look and feel of a surface by applying a sheet of adhesive coloured or textured PVC vinyl.

This is similar to car wrapping where the technology and materials have been around for a few years to transform your car by ‘wrapping’ it in a new colour or style. We can now apply these same methods to upgrade your kitchen.

The vinyl can be manipulated using a combination of heat and specialist tools to shape to the surface on which it is being fitted. The skill and precision of an experienced fitters, in addition to high quality vinyl, is a must to ensure the longevity and finish of the wrap.

Savings of up to 80% can be achieved by kitchen wrapping. We work with your existing kitchen, meaning you don’t have to pay for new doors, drawers and cupboards, let alone all the labour costs to build & install them. With over 100 colours, wood, marble effects and textures available the only limit is your own imagination.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that there is virtually no upheaval during the process. We can be in and out often in a matter of hours with no mess, no fuss,  and no expensive or unreliable tradesmen.

All work guaranteed.


We provide a full wrapping service for your kitchen. Once you have contacted us through website, email, Facebook or call, we will discuss your requirements and ideas, then we can tailor a plan for you based on your particular budget.
It is always based on number of units, doors, drawers etc, and obviously on the type of finish you wish to go for, but typical savings are normally between 40% and 80%
You could but this is normally still an expensive option, especially with older kitchens. Also, this usually causes more of an upheaval than simply vinyl wrapping.
There are literally hundreds of options available from a simple colour change to glossy white, or an upgrade to a textured wood or marble finish. There are more finish options with wrapping than commercial replacement.
We do most of the preparation work for the wrapping ourselves but we would simply ask that you could have the work area cleared and cleaned to a reasonable degree before we arrive.
We will always endeavour to fix any damage as best we can, but this is a refurbishment wrap and not a replacement service. All your expectations will hopefully be managed from our initial survey.
This is not a problem for us. We use our own innovative technique to convert these types of doors for wrapping.
Again, it all depends on the size and complexity of the kitchen but most jobs can be completed in 1-2 days. Often we will remove your doors and wrap them at our own facility ready for re-installation the next day. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround times and as little downtime for your kitchen as possible.
Yes most worktops can be wrapped - we would advise on the material best to use and the care required to ensure longevity but it is really common sense.
The material we use is very durable, and the same films as is used on car wrapping, so it can withstand pretty tough conditions. Again we would just urge care and attention as with any new peice of furniture. We do know however that accidents happen and if any part of the wrap gets damaged it can simply be replaced.
Care for it the same way you would with your current kitchen. Simply wipe down any spillages using soapy water or most cleaning products. All the materials we use are 100% waterproof too.
Absolutely! In fact we offer a referral bonus if you pass our name to others. And not just simply kitchen owners - we work with landlords, businesses, estate agents, developers and in commercial sectors like offices, hotels and leisure centres.
Fantastic! Just head over to our contact page for all the details you need or follow our social media links - can’t wait to hear from you!!
Yes. These products produce tremendous heat and should be kept away from wrapped splashabscks that don’t have glass or stainless steel protection and also placed on 30mm thick surface protection, on wrapped worktops to prevent damage to these areas. See T&C’s for more information.